Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Forbidden

What my heart conceives is doom;
Makes my mind fade through gloom;
But the sight of you; Pulled me through.
I was lonely as the night;
Fell for you without a fight;
As I ask myself is it wrong or right.

Then your eyes met my pain inside;
My fears I hide, As I sleep by your side;
But you fade away...
With the morning light.

Memories walk out of the room;
As the dream ends too soon;
As I start to hate; The wounds of fate.
Painted walls that hide the truth;
Sound of silence running loose;
A scar so deep, for me to keep.

But then your lies start to breed inside;
My tears I hide, as I sleep by my side;
Hoping time...
Would reason with this mind.

Days go by, smiling just to lie;
Some stood true; Some saw the funny side;
I feel so tired; so I close my eyes;
Happy that this dream had died.


  1. This is soul stirring stuff, very true. Bravo

  2. Thanks...more coming your way soon!