Friday, 12 July 2013

Father and The Son and The Sea

I've been trying to follow the wind,
Trying to run away;
From the echoes of the sinners and sins,
Give truth a chance to win.

I've been trying to find the world,
That was once so full of love;
Not in shadows of wars and rage,
In the books of the lord above.

I want a dream that helps me to see,
The place that I have left behind of me;
And if any song can take me where I belong,
I will sing it till the end, no matter how long.

I've been lost in the mirrors of hope,
Staying calm but trying to cope;
Waiting for the shining ray,
That promises to show me the way.

I want to see the children play,
I want to take their pain away;
And if you ever see my distant dream,
Paint it with love; help it flow downstream.

I've been walking in the thin line between,
The father and the son and the sea;
Each trying to make me agree,
While I am trying to set myself free.